Saturday, September 1, 2012

Luminous SEO Company

Luminous SEO company was founded by Michiel Van Kets in 2004, assisted by his lovely, gorgeous, yet very smart and talented wife.

At that time he was also very active on an UK seo-forum and there people noticed that Michiel Van Kets knew what he was doing and on top of that was doing it from a low cost country like Thailand.

Luminous SEO Company is the rare exception; our services are cheap simply because we operate from a cheap country which means our overhead is cheaper, taxes are lower and so we're actually able to have a better life here at 1/3 of the prices without giving in on quality levels.

We use our advantage of being cheap to improve quality; we ALWAYS go the extra mile, because even when we do each and every step exactly how it is suppose to be, we can still do it at 1/3 of the price you would pay a professional, able to deliver the same quality in your own country.

We're not cheap because we use automated programs, because we don't. While the real reason why don't use any of those programs is because for the quality sites its in fact rather easy to install a little something to make those programs trip and make the submission fail. We get more and better results doing 20 manual submissions than 200 semi-automated submissions, because that's how big the difference is between quality sites and the type of sites an automated program would be able to use.

We offer monthly seo packages for link building.